Derive, Not Memorize.

No one knows learning like we do.

DerivaLearn - Revolutionary Educational Institute

DerivaLearn is a revolutionary educational institute, offering tuition services to students in the British educational system. Using our proprietary DerivaLearn approach, we aim to boost our student's grades to A*s by encouraging independent learning of material backed by a strong support system from our tutors.

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Online Classes

Excellent quality online classes conducted via DerivaLearn 365.

Expert Instructors

Tutors are undergraduates from top UK universities.

Resourceful Portals

DerivaLearn provides curated resources for exam practice.


Cutting-edge technologies provides quality online classes.

Wide range of subject choices...





Further Mathematics

Admission Test

Interview Preparation

IELTS Lessons

... and more!

We offer a selective range of subject choices in all curriculum-based learning classes. In addition, we also offer admissions test, interview preparation, IELTS lessons and personal statement workshops.

Our Unique DerivaLearn Approach

Our proprietary DerivaLearn Approach brings education to a whole new level, promoting individual learning and effectively developing students’ problem-solving abilities. Our approach focuses on four main sectors:

Individual Tuition

DerivaLearn makes sure that every student gets the support they need. That is why we focus on 1 to 1 tuition so that our students get undivided attention from our tutors. This approach also helps students develop their independent learning skills.


Alongside revision courses, DerivaLearn also provides admission test/interview preparation classes to future-proof their knowledge. This is to make sure that our students can remain competitive when they apply for universities.


We wish for our students' success as much as you do. That is why our tutors hand out homework for revision on topics that are covered in class. This approach has been proven to maximise the student’s ability to do well on the exam.

Our Instructors

Our instructors all have exceptional knowledge on the KS3, GCSE and A-Level syllabus. With our experience in tutoring young people, we know how to encourage students and boost their confidence. We can make sure that they do well in their academics without being stressed.

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Derive, Not Memorize.

No one knows learning like we do.